SEO & Online Marketing for Pet & Veterinary Businesses

I specialise in search engine optimisation within the pet and Veterinary industries. I have a track record of success taking pet focused sites from zero to thousands of visitors a month.

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SEO Cat says “hello”

If you run a pet sitting business, a pet related eCommerce store, a veterinary practice or even a cat or dog affiliate or adsense blog then I can help you rank better in Google, grow your audience online and make more money from your website.

One of the Best SEOs In The Pet Industry

I am one of the best pet industry SEOs in the business because:

    • I write a lot of pet related content (over 100,000 words in the last year!) so know what it takes to write great content that ranks well.
    • I have a large network of contacts who manage pet websites including loads of veterinary practices and animal health blogs, this helps hugely with the acquisition of highly relevant links relating to your pet or veterinary business.
    • I have my finger on the pulse on what is happening in the pet niche as I maintain and monitor a good number of successful websites in the pet industry.

Pet Industry SEO Success

Take a look at the screenshot below from Google Analytics, this shows how one pet site I am working on grew from 0 visits a month to 14,000 visits per month in less than a year.

If you are looking for results like this then don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

Why Is Search Engine Optimisation Crucial For Pet Related Businesses?

It is well documented that the UK is a nation of pet lovers, particularly dogs and cats, it is also well known that increasingly the go to place to start any research or shopping activity is the internet.

Pet lovers are online right now searching for things like [cat sitter near me], [dog walker near me], [vet near me], [dog training] or even [best dog ball throwing machine]!
screenshot of a google search for 'vet near me'

If you run a veterinary practice the services you offer are unique and extremely specialised and people in your local area will be searching for you.

It is therefore crucial that you have a well optimised local search presence so that prospective customers can quickly see you on Google Maps, can see your positive reviews on your Google business listing and can also see you ranking well in the organic search results when they need a vet/pet sitter/dog walker/pet trainer or whatever your pet related business may be.

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